Gear - Protection - Eyes - Smith Optics Boogie SOEP Goggle
Gear - Protection - Eyes - Smith Optics Boogie SOEP Goggle

Smith Optics

Smith Optics Boogie SOEP Goggle

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SOEP stands for Special Operations Eyewear Package. That means these are approved for the good guys, and can also help out the average joe in the eyewear department.

Basically, if you’re a jumper or in a mobility billet that finds you atop ATVs or driving vehicles, then these are for you. They also work very well under NVGs as they are low profile and vent pretty well thanks to the patented ventilator as well as their anti-fog coating. It meets US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle protection levels, protects the eyes from 100% of UV-A and B protection and also incorporates scratch resistant coating. 


  • Special operations eyewear package authorized
  • Slotted ventilation technology
  • Lenses meet US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level clause 3.5.10
  • Smith's uncompromising optical quality
  • Durable 35 mm woven strap
  • Exterior hard coat for increased scratch resistance
  • Anti-fog inner coating for fog mitigation
  • Each color also available in Gray and Ignitor lens tints
  • 100% protection from UVA/B/C rays