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Haley Strategic SRMP Single Rifle Magazine Pouch

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The Haley Strategic Single Rifle Mag Pouch (SRMP) is designed to be adaptive to the end user’s mission. The pouch utilizes a single MP2 to retain a variety of magazines, but the MP2 can also be removed to accommodate other mission essential equipment such as radios and EUDs.

With the heavy woven elastic construction the magazine pouch can carry most 5.56/.308/5.45/7.62 magazines without issue. The positive retention ensures your magazines stay locked in while being easy to pull when needed. Additionally, a shock cord is installed for extra retention when conducting airborne operations and other more dynamic activities.

The back of the pouch is cut to allow for 0.5” vertical adjustments when mounted to a belt or vest allowing the ride height to be adjusted. The pouch is constructed of Squadron Laminate, with woven elastic webbing.