Gear - Protection - Eyes - Ops-Core MK1 Performance Protective Eyewear - 2 Lens Kit

Ops-Core MK1 Performance Protective Eyewear - 2 Lens Kit

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Ops-Core MK1 Ruggedized Aluminum Metal Frames with Interchangeable Lenses, the ultimate eyewear for elite force. Designed for elite defense, law enforcement, and security forces, this advanced eyewear offers varying levels of protection to support any mission, always protecting the wearer’s vision while helping enhance and maintain their operational performance.


  • User-Driven, Modular, Scalable Design - represents the fundamental design principles of Gentex’s Ops-Core brand.
  • Advanced Optics - Embody Gentex Corporation’s 50 plus years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high performance optics for military aircrews and premium eyewear OEMs.
  • Mission Configurable - Interchangeable lenses with unique lens insert system allows for quick and easy mission configurability to tailor protection to specific threats or conditions faced.
  • Multiple Lens Options - Clear, Tint, Clear and Tint (dual lenses), High Contrast, and Laser Dazzle.
  • Laser Dazzle Lenses - Use Gentex patented lens technology for maintaining see-through color perception while providing necessary protection from green and blue commercial lasers.
  • Future Lens Options - Advanced Laser Eye Protection (ALEP), Ballistic, and Variable Light Transmission (VLT).
  • Highest Quality and Protection - Genuine Gentex manufactured lenses offer the highest quality and levels of protection with all lenses tested in accordance with ANSI Z87.1.
  • Highly Durable Frames - constructed of high quality aluminum; produced to perform in and withstand some of the toughest environments on earth. Frames can be formed for the perfect fit for stable and secure wear during dynamic activities.
  • Variety of Frame Colors - Black, Tan, Green, Gray.
  • Protective and Performance Accessories/Replacement Parts—Microfiber Bag (cleans lenses and secures from scratching; standard and foam inserts for protection from wind, dust, and other elements.


  • Reduces brightness boosting terrain details 
  • Optics and Impact Protection: ANSI-Z87.1
  • Contrast: Neutral
  • Light Conditions: Sunny or high light level
  • Visible Light Transmission: 15%
  • UV protection (UVA and B): 100.0%
  • Anti-Scratch Coating: HC-13
  • Maintains color recognition