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GBRS Group Assaulter Belt System V3 - Multicam

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The GBRS Group Assaulter Belt utilizes a 2 belt system to create a lightweight, flexible yet rigid and stable platform to attach equipment, holsters, and accessories. This is done by using Type 13, 1-23/32” belt webbing (7000 lbs tensile strength) as the base, with a field of PALS webbing, laser cut from a semi-rigid woven thermo-polymer (patent pending). This ensures that your equipment is always secured to something rigid while allowing the belt to remain lightweight and comfortable. To round it off, we double “W” stitch the webbing to a load rated, 1.75” Austrialpin Cobra buckle with a D-ring for attaching helo lanyards and other equipment. The outer belt has an inner facing of “loop” style Velcro, to attach to a low profile “hook” inner belt. We did this because hooks should never be worn towards the body, especially in such a high-wear area (belt line).

The inner belt system consists of a low profile “hook” inner belt with a single layer of 1.5” scuba webbing. This results in a system that doubles as a non-metallic EDC belt and is a comfortable and convenient way to cover the abrasive hook portion of the inner belt when flipped inside out. The single layer of scuba webbing allows for a rigid surface for IWB holsters to secure firmly.


  • More MOLLE squares
  • Upgraded more rigid inner belt
  • Inner belt is reversible to be a semi rigid EDC belt in a singular system
  • 12 layer Tegris that allows for the rigidity but also flexibility for the user
  • Lightweight
  • Higher load rating (4200 lbs)
  • More durable and rigid due to our MOLLE weave being through the thermoplastic/Tegris vs others is just through webbing
  • No “droop” due to sewing with Tegris


  • Small: Fits 27”- 32” waist, ideal fit 27”- 31” waist. 17 MOLLE spaces.
  • Medium: Fits 31”- 36” waist. Ideal fit 31”- 34” waist. 20 MOLLE spaces.
  • LargeFits 35”- 41” waist. Ideal fit 35”- 39” waist. 23 MOLLE spaces.
  • X-Large: Fits 40”- 50” waist. Ideal fit 40”- 46” waist. 26 MOLLE spaces.