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3M Peltor HY80A Gel Ear Cushion Set

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3M Peltor HY80A Gel Ear Cushions are a definite upgrade in comfort and clarity over the standard foam ear pads. These attachments are sold as a set of left & right side attachments. This pair of gel sealing rings feature a super-thin polyurethane skin with a double-hump top face design and a silicon gel-filled bladder with a Confor™ foam backing.

Compatible with most 3M™ PELTOR™ Headsets, but specifically designed for COMTAC III ACH Headsets


  • Gel ear cushions for use on a wide variety of 3M™ PELTOR™ Headsets
  • Super-soft foam for enhanced comfort
  • High-temp adhesive suited for hotter and more demanding environments
  • Sold as a set (1 pair)
  • Use of these cushions may degrade the NRR by up to 1 dB