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Shill Bidding on eBay (Hint: We Don't)

Posted by Legit Kit on

Figure we'd put this one to bed. Over the years we've had more then a few people question our integrity when it comes to auction prices, relisted items, and more. We'd like to take a moment to dispel a few of the rumors...

You / your lackeys bid on your own items to drive the price up!

Wouldn't that be nice if we could? We'd surely make a lot more money. Unfortunately, eBay is very good at sniffing this sort of thing out. It's called shill bidding, and it's against eBay policy. On a small scale, it's certainly possible for sellers to get away with this, at least for a little while. On our level, it's pretty much impossible. Trust us, we have better things to do with our time. We auction hundreds of items each week. If you got outbid, it's because someone wanted it more then you!

You relist items that didn't sell for what you wanted! 

We only relist items for two reasons. One, the buyer didn't pay. We open an unpaid item case and once that closes we relist the item. Two, the buyer wasn't legally able to purchase the item. This mostly happens for ITAR restricted items and overseas buyers. There are rare instances where a buyer will ask to cancel a purchase and we'll comply, but it's mainly the first two.

You have private feedback!

This one is usually from people that don't understand what private feedback is. You can still see our feedback score and comments, it just blocks the item name and price. These days, eBay stars out the username of all feedback left (ie: Buyer: l***9) and our feedback still shows this information. The only thing you don't see by our using private feedback is the item name, and the price it sold for. We do this for the privacy of the buyer, and that's all. No other reason.

You charge too much for this junk! 

It's an auction? You bid what you want to pay. If you lose, it's because someone else bid higher. Simple!

If you've got other questions, feel free to post them in the comment section and we'll update the record. We're not about that scam life, you'll just have to trust our 25,000+ positive feedback on that one.

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Do you buy from Zone5tacair on eBay? Buyer beware.

Posted by Legit Kit on

There are lots of sellers of gear on eBay, we are just one of many. Every now and again, we run across another seller doing something too blatant not to bring to light. What I mean by this is that in 9/10 cases, you are taking the word of the seller to establish the provenance of the item. Many buyers like to know the history of the items they are purchasing, and that in turn can lead to higher sale values. This is the way with many militaria collectibles.

The problem occurs when unscrupulous sellers use this knowledge to game the system, and lie about the history of their items in an attempt to extract higher sale values. We've brought issues like this to light in the past, and unfortunately another instance has surfaced. Today's offender? Zone5TacAir.

In this image, you can see a custom modified combat shirt made from an NWU Type III shirt and Under Armor shirt. These aren't uncommon, and we've sold a few SEAL used tops made just like this by a local tailor. The only issue? This top isn't from a SEAL. It's from a local airsoft player that is a friend of the shop. He noticed the shirt online, and then noticed all of the fake "history" listed on the auction page.

Could be a simple mistake, right? It's possible, but unlikely. The shirt quickly shot up to a bid price of around ~$150.00 USD. At that point, our contact sent a respectful eBay message to Zone5TacAir to clear up the errors and see if they'd come clean.

Instead, the message was ignored. Who wants to pull an item that will sell for hundreds of dollars with a false back story? The message went unanswered and the shirt sold for $237.28.

At the end of the day, a buyer has a $237 fake that cost less than $40 to make. Was this intentional? That's up for you to decide. We intentionally describe exactly where we got an item, be it a SEAL, fellow collector, or otherwise. Sellers without a moral compass may not do this. You get to vote with where you spend your dollars.

-Legit Kit


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